3-hour Wine and Pisco tour / Tacama and El Catador
South Coast , Peru

3-hour Wine and Pisco tour / Tacama and El Catador

Come along to this fascinating full day tour in Huacachina from Lima. We visit Tacama which is the oldest vineyard in southamerica and sample different types of wine and pisco (Peruvian Brandy). We are guided for an expert to learn about the whole process. At the end of the tour you have the chance to have a fancy lunch at the beautiful restaurant into the vineyard.

The second vineyard is a small, family-run bussines where Pisco and traditional red wine is produced using the same techniques that were used by the descendants of the Spanish Conquerors. We can see the clay jars known as “botijas” where the juice of crushed grapes is fermenting during March (harvest time), Our tour guide will explain you how this family make Pisco and traditional wine using the same techniques from one hundred years ago.

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